Mike Edwards

Mike is a Brighton-based contemporary artist who has pioneered his own style of typographic art by creating stunning limited edition art prints of music artists solely from a mix of their words, lyrics and song titles. The artist seeks to transform prose into a visual image that viewers can easily comprehend.

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Mike says of his work: "In the same way songs sonically amplify the meaning of words, my work is about creating a visual form that can enhance or change meaning in words". Mike's pieces draw inspiration from contemporary media, art history, Pop Art, classical painting and Rock and Roll. We love how Mike’s innovative and unique ‘Word Paintings’ render each letter a different colour, instilling an intense sense of depth that is a delight to the eye.

Mike received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design before participating in his first group exhibition Lexigrahpica at The Chameleon Gallery, Brighton. Since then, Mike has built a successful career, participating in a variety of exhibitions across the country. Mike’s work has been covered by the BBC and ITV, and among his celebrity collectors are Imelda May, Sir Bradley Wiggins, Roger Taylor, and Zoe Ball. He has also completed a variety of commissions for brands such as Bacardi, Budweiser and Urban Outfitters. One of Mike’s unique David Bowie prints was signed by the singer himself, raising £22,000 at auction for the charity Cancer Research.

We’ve been working with Mike Edwards since 2011.


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