R-W Studio

R-W studio, founded by Richard Welland, is located in the UK. Wellend’s previous work experience mainly lies in image making and music. On becoming an artist, he said, “I’ve always been drawn toward art in some way or another along with a love of all genres of music so when I became a designer the two went hand in hand.” We love the simple, yet striking artworks from R-W Studio. 

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Welland has collaborated with numerous musical artists including Royal Blood, Bat For Lashes, Lily Allen, Biffy Clyro, and Liam Gallagher. When asked about the influence of music on his art, the artist noted, “In regards to sleeve work it really depends on the brief and what the music conjures up - I usually have a meeting to discuss possible routes but invariably get a sketch book out and try to roughly plan what I intend to do rather than jumping straight onto a computer.” 

We’ve been working with R-W Studio since 2019.

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