Author: Imogen Aldridge

Our 5 Favourite Pop Culture Inspired Artworks

Art and popular culture have a long and illustrious history; heavily influenced by mass media, pop culture has inspired artists for decades. Made popular by the likes of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, and referenced today by famous contemporary artists such as Banksy, creatives are constantly turning to pop culture and using it as a tool to comment on larger issues such as consumerism and globalisation.

Are you obsessed with everything pop culture? Look no further. We've delved into our vast collection of artworks to pick out a few of our favourite pop culture-inspired pieces.

Our 5 Favourite Pop Culture Inspired Artworks | Image
Mark Davies, Smile (The Joker)

Film and TV

If you're a die hard film and TV fan, then you're sure to enjoy the work of Mark Davies. From James Bond and Batman to Dirty Dancing and Grease, Mark's nostalgic limited edition prints reimagine and recreate these well loved films, giving his own twist on the narrative. If you're interested in seeing more of Mark's work, click here to visit his collection page.

Our 5 Favourite Pop Culture Inspired Artworks | Image
Dollarsandart, Kobe Bryant


Sport is an integral part of popular culture. Whether you're a fan or not, it's hard to escape the sheer joy it brings such a large group of people. This Pop Art-inspired artwork by Dollarsandart is perfect for any sport lover. Drawing inspiration from the infamous Andy Warhol, Dollarsandart has made a selection of prints celebrating sports icons such as Kobe Bryant and Lewis Hamilton. To explore more of Dollarsandart's collection, click here.

Our 5 Favourite Pop Culture Inspired Artworks | Image

Zoe Moss, Marilyn in Hightops


Regardless of whether you're a dedicated shopaholic or if you've had the same wardrobe for years, there's no escaping fashion's grip on popular culture. With trends constantly changing, it's hard to keep up with the influx of fashion fads. Zoe Moss' witty print is a clever response to this fast fashion phenomenon. Placing the cultural icon Marilyn Monroe into Nike High Tops blurs the lines between contemporary fashion culture and vintage pop culture icons, whilst critiquing the fleeting nature of trends.

Our 5 Favourite Pop Culture Inspired Artworks | Image

Kristian Jones, Modern Life is Rubbish


Ever take time to acknowledge how many hours you spend on your phone? Technology, particularly social media, plays an integral role in pop culture, making it the perfect topic of discussion for artists. Modern Life is Rubbish by Kristian Jones is the perfect example of this. Kristian’s seemingly witty and light hearted illustrations have a sinister twist; Kristian uses his talents to highlight the downfalls of living in a modern society dictated by technology and social media. 

Our 5 Favourite Pop Culture Inspired Artworks | Image
Bambi, Lie Lie Land (Grey)

Political satire

Politics and political satire has been a huge inspiration for artists for centuries. This work by anonymous street artist Bambi is a humorous criticism of Donald Trump and Theresa May. Based on the movie poster for the Oscar winning La La Land, the two controversial politicians are captured dancing gleefully, as if rejoicing in the negative opinions towards their political decisions. This print marks a controverisal period in worldwide politics, making it the ideal present for someone with their finger on the pulse of popular culture.

If none of these pop culture artworks are catching your eye, make sure to browse our Pop Culture inspired collection. 

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