The Misfortune Teller

The Misfortune Teller is a contemporary artist that uses a combination of typography and illustration to create witty and engaging prints. From morbid yet humorous fortunes to minimalist black and white designs, The Misfortune Teller’s works of art are a pessimist’s dream. We love how the artist’s work toes the line between cynicism and absurdity.

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The Misfortune Teller’s eponymous ‘misfortune’ artworks originated from his first art fair, where he would read visitor’s ‘misfortunes’ whilst at his stall. The artist says of this performance art: “I had no idea if it would work but after an hour or so, I’d written a dozen prophecies and had a queue that turned into a crowd that got so big it had to be managed by the security staff.” From here, The Misfortune Teller built up his reputation, and now the artist tells the misfortunes of people all over the world.

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