Author: Rebecca Cox

Alex Bucklee's Favourite Artworks

We had a chat with artist Alex Bucklee to talk about his favourite pieces from our site. Who better to share their art opinion than an artist themselves?

1. Elvis by James Kingman

Firstly, Elvis is my guy so instantly it's a winner with me, but more importantly, the detail that has gone into this is just mad - the time it would have taken to put together and patience James must have had is admirable. Being a designer myself, I can really appreciate this one.

2. Cosmic Eye by Ellie FP

During a conversation, I often find myself staring into people's eyes and getting completely lost - it opens up avenues of the person that I had never noticed before. This piece by Ellie feels very much the same - it's completely mesmerising to stare at, and the more I look at it, the more I find.

3. It Is Wot It Is by Antony 'H' Haylock 

Antony's work reminds me of something that I would do, but better. Every time I see a new piece he's made I always think ' Ah, I wish I'd have thought of that'. My kind of art - you don't have to have studied at the RCA to understand it, and it never fails to make you laugh. Winner. 

4. I'm in the Bush Outside and I Really Love You by Babak Ganjei

I feel like Babak represents everyone's weird side. He says the things that no one else would say but everyone is thinking it. It's like when someone tells a joke but actually they mean it and everyone in the room goes quiet. I also love the fact that he has turned poetry into visual art. Has anyone done that before? Even David Shrigley has to have a silly drawing next to the words to make it work. 

5Lego Bones - Turquoise by Will Blood

Taking iconic characters and making them your own is really impressive - I don't think anyone does it better than Will.

People would argue that it's taking already established images and just drawing bones inside them, but when I look at Will's works, the first thing I see is the detail of the skeletons and not the known character. I think that goes to show just how impressive his work really is.

Take a look at Alex's Art Republic collection here.


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