Looking to add abstract artwork to your home? Abstract art is bold, creative, and means many different things to different people. And because ‘abstract’ is such a broad term, there’s something out there to suit all tastes. Geometric patterns, splashes of colour, monochrome portraits, multicolour collages – they’re all distinctively different from one another, and yet they can all be abstract.

We want to help you find the perfect abstract prints to decorate your home in style. Whether you’re looking for a big statement piece for the living room, or a collection to build a decorative theme in the bedroom, kitchen or office, you’ll find that standout print in the Art Republic Abstract Art collection. Here are just a few that we think will complement your living space: 

James Bates - Escape Velocity

If ‘colourful’ is your criteria when searching for your next piece of abstract art, consider that box ticked with Escape Velocity by James Bates. We love the contrast of the vibrant shades of red with the darker violets and blues overlayed by lines and dots that are evocative of map annotations and constellations. Bright and bold, this piece would work equally well as a statement print or as a collection among other artwork from James Bates.

Damon Roberts - Altered States

This complex, almost hypnotising piece by Damon Roberts was created using a harmonograph and opacity reduced inks, allowing each layer to appear intertwined and perfectly symmetrical at the same time. Altered States has a psychedelic feel and serves to showcase Roberts’s use of both specialist and experimental techniques. 

Dan Hillier – Cellar Door, 2015

Dan Hillier is known for combining Victorian era imagery to create a ‘steampunk’ look, and Cellar Door is a prime example of his talent. Depicting a Victorian man deep in thought, inside the man’s head is a ‘Disney-esque’ image of an imperial staircase with a lady in a ballroom gown, a young girl and an anthropomorphised reindeer. 

However, there is more going on in Cellar Door than meets the eye at first glance. Look closer at the man’s coat and you’ll see another reindeer in a shaded, mysterious forest. A perfect example of a 21st century reimagining of abstract art.

Dragomir Misina – Doppleganger 3

Doppleganger 3 by Dragomir Misina could suit just about any space you choose to display it in. Unmistakably abstract, we’re big fans of the merging array of colour in the later brushstrokes, while the blobs and dashes of colour add character to the composition. 

Another piece that works equally well on its own or as part of a collection, discover more art pieces from Dragomir Misina for some more abstract inspiration.

Richard Levine – Rhino

This one has ‘statement piece’ written all over it. The ripples of colour in Rhino by British artist Richard Levine are angled in such a way that the rhino retains its true form, while the print itself is finished with glitter varnish to complete a design that will truly stand out and capture your guests’ attention wherever you choose to display it. 

Sandra Blow – Crystal Gazing

If you’re familiar with the rise of the abstract art movement, you’ll know the name Sandra Blow. Blow was at the forefront of British abstract art in the 50s, and Crystal Gazing was created three years before she passed away in 2006. 

It’s not hard to see why her name is synonymous with the abstract movement. She paved the way for other female British abstract artists to gain notoriety in what was a male-dominated movement, and this is a fine example of her later work. Perfect for just about any room at home. 

Victoria Topping – Cosmic Abstraction I

This bright and busy print is by British artist and illustrator Victoria Topping, who combines both traditional and digital methods to create her masterpieces. Taking influences from everything from rare flora to folk art, Cosmic Abstraction I boasts a rich array of colours and patterns, emanating from a central point in the piece. This piece is a great addition for anyone who’s a fan of 60s psychedelica.

Remi Rough – Irresistible

It isn’t hard to see the influence of graffiti from the start of Remi Rough’s artistic career in his later work, and Irresistible translates that street art aura seamlessly to the print form. With a combination of intriguing shapes and hypnotising colour gradients, this piece is every bit as striking as you’d expect from abstract art. 

In the words of Remi Rough himself, “The graphic sensibilities are prevalent and the screen-printed spot varnish really makes this print sing. The title ‘Irresistible’ is a nod to the desire and want for beautiful things that most of us have on a daily basis.”

Those are just 8 of our favourite abstract art prints that you’ll find here at Art Republic. Each one is distinctive and pushes new boundaries, yet all of them would make a beautiful feature piece to proudly display at home. Of course, we have plenty more abstract art prints you can lose yourself in, so feel free to browse through and find yourself some fresh home décor inspiration. You never know, you may just end up finding ‘the one’.