We're so excited to launch this brand new print from Magnus Gjoen, Shadow Passes Light Remains. Here, Magnus talks us through his new work, its inspirations, and his process.

Shadow Passes Light Remains takes two paintings by Flemish masters of the same subject, the Greek goddess Cybele and the Four Seasons, by Hendrick van Balen and Jan Brueghel, “the Elder”, and places them in conversation in his new work alongside his signature skull motif. 

Gjoen says of the artwork;

'For me it represents the death of now, and a new beginning in a way. Cybele is a greek goddess, depicted very often coming with a procession with music and wine, and a kind of disorderly following, and I think that's also quite fitting for the time we're in now. When lockdown ends, that's basically what we're all going to do (well I will anyways...).'

As with much of Gjoen's output, the viewer is rewarded with repeat viewings. The closer you look, the more you discover.