Agent X

Agent X

We’ve been working with Agent X since 2016

Raised in Connecticut and now residing in Canada, Agent X creates innovative multimedia collages, paintings and eye-catching 2D artwork. Their work often juxtaposes popular culture with fashion and technology to generate visually compelling compositions. We love the interplay between the instantly recognisable silhouettes and the graphic complexity of the flowers in Agent X’s newer prints.

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Once awarded the title of semi-finalist in the New York Art Marathon, Agent X has continued to receive recognition and has exhibited in art shows around the world. Embedded within each Agent X artwork are poignant socio-political messages that occupy a ‘unique intersection between the aesthetics and philosophy of Futurism; the social critique of the Dada movement and contemporary art movements from Pop-Art to Superflat.’

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All artworks by Agent X - Art Prints & Original Works

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