Agent X

Raised in Connecticut and now residing in Canada, Agent X creates innovative multimedia collages, paintings and eye-catching 2D artwork. Their work often juxtaposes popular culture with fashion and technology to generate visually compelling compositions that seek to express the anxieties of a consumerist society and the dangers of the postmodern world.

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We love the interplay between the instantly recognisable silhouettes and the graphic complexity of Agent X’s designs, drawing from artistic movements such as Pop Art, Superflat and Futurism. Embedded within each Agent X artwork are poignant socio-political messages that are intended to expose the dangers of a society obsessed with the media.

After receiving a Certificate of Media Arts from the Art Institute of Vancouver in 2003, Agent X was propelled into the contemporary art scene when they were awarded the title of semi-finalist in the New York Art Marathon. The following year saw Agent X win the Top Artist Entry award in the Curious Art-Pie Show at the Curious Duke Gallery, London. They have continued to receive recognition and have exhibited in art shows around the world in places such as London, New York, Amsterdam, Germany, Spain and Singapore.

We’ve been working with Agent X since 2016.

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