November was a very busy month for Art Republic, full of exciting new artworks, timed releases, and welcoming some amazing new artists into the Art Republic family. Here is a handy recap of some of the artworks you might have missed last month!  

Pangolin - XL by Lisa Lloyd

1. Lisa Lloyd

This month we introduced Lisa Lloyd to the Art Republic family. Her intricate designs capture the beauty of nature, all through the medium of paper. Lisa then carefully photographs her delicate artworks. These energetic artworks draw from the dynamism to be found in the natural environment. Lisa says of her love of the natural world: “My main inspiration comes from nature, I love the intricate details, patterns and textures...I want to create work that is full of energy and movement.” Lisa’s dedication to layering certainly pays off, so you’ll want to take a look at Lisa's stunning new collection of works here.


Cherry Drop (Diamond Dust) by Charles Edgar

2. Charles Edgar

Charles Edgar’s new collection of pixel artworks are a lighthearted look into the computer generated world of ‘internet art’, better known as NFT’s. Charles was inspired by the simple graphics of computer games in the early 1980’s. This iconic pixel technique created bold designs such as Pac-man and Super Mario, and has proven itself to be a simple yet effective graphic technique. Charles says of this new release of prints: "Fascinated by the resurgence and success of Pixel art that has taken the NFT scene by storm I was interested in incorporating this simple yet powerful style into a new print series.” These pixel-inspired images of heart, cherry and bomb are a playful homage to vintage video game culture. Check out Charles’ collection of artworks here.

Colours of the Brain - Astro Edition (Yellow and Pink) by James Kingman

3. James Kingman 

If you’re looking for a bold, contemporary twist on a traditional portrait, then look no further than James Kingman’s new portraits. With an affinity for neon paints, James’ portfolio of works is visually stunning, and these new prints are no exception. His works are a reflection on contemporary society and a celebration of creative expression. The swirling paint patterns are strangely hypnotic, drawing the eye round in swirling motions. James says of his new series: "I created this piece in response to the anti-racism movement of 2020. Inspired by Michael Bassey Johnson, who once said he didn't fancy colours of the face - that he was always attracted to colours of the brain... and I couldn’t agree more." James’ bold dedication to the Black Lives Matter movement makes for a great addition to anyone's art collection. Check out James’ new work here.

Lizzie - Green and Neon Yellow Currency by Heath Kane


4. Heath Kane

Heath Kane has always been the champion of tongue-in-cheek artwork, with his humorous designs often featuring portraits of the Queen merged with the Batman mask and currency signs. His pop-art inspired prints are driven by his curiosity for oddities and cultural events. Heath says of his inspiration: “I am driven by wanting to always better myself and understand more about the world.” These topical prints blend together humour and cultural commentary, providing a witty yet valid viewpoint on the wealth inconsistencies in Britain today. To see Heath's newest thought-provoking work, browse his collection here


Guided By Regret by Copyright

5. Copyright

Copyright's bold new blotter prints are a celebration of urban style and traditional methods of graffiti. Combining the famous stencil technique with contemporary pop culture subjects, the artist’s bold street art style is a fun fusion of the old and new. This print is another addition to Copyright’s collection of prints focusing on strong women. To see more of the artist’s work, view the rest of his collection here.

We are constantly adding new artworks to our site, so keep up to date by visiting our New In collection.