AR: What was the inspiration behind your new Skate Deck collection?

Gareth: With a series called ‘Urban’ Geisha, using the medium of skate decks, in my head seems logical.

I also like the fact that the imagery is split across three decks mirroring the segmentation of the image in Japanese screens.  The medium ties the traditional and contemporary together. 

AR: Do you see this work as a continuation of previous work or a series, or a new departure in your practice?

Gareth: I think it’s an interesting extension that visually and physically works.  

AR: What does a typical day look like for you?

Annoyingly, my mind wants to problem solve or think creatively at about 5am so it’s an early start.  I get into the studio (shed) at 9am…ish and knock off when the light gets too poor or it gets too cold.  Thankfully, the studio is in the garden so I can spend time with my partner Jeanette over coffee/ lunch / cake breaks and dog walks.  Admin is usually last, done in front of the TV.  Repeat.

AR: Which artists inspire you, or you admire?

Gareth: My house is slowly filling with art I have bought from ‘followed’ Instagrammers over the years.  Not world-renowned artists but a fabulous, creative community that never fail to surprise and inspire me.

AR:When did you know you wanted to pursue a life in art?

Gareth: This is easy. I was obsessed with drawing and painting as a child right up to leaving school.  However, in the 80’s, in my world art wasn’t seen as a serious profession. Family, work and responsibilities filled every moment but now I have more time. A second chance to pursue my childhood dream.

AR: What is your earliest art memory?

Gareth: Visiting a Greek museum with my family when I was a child and giggling hysterically with my sister, Sian, at the naked statues and their various bits and butts!

AR: What did it feel like when you sold your first artwork?

Astonishment. Followed by relief and enormous gratitude.

AR: What’s your favourite creative work? (artwork, music, play, film, etc)

In terms of art and music there are just too many favourites to single one out.  In terms of film, it has got to be Bladerunner.  

AR: What’s next?

Despite my age, I am still in my artistic infancy. Therefore, I hope there is a long journey ahead. I’m currently exploring how different materials can help me move forward with larger scale artworks.  

My goal is to make a reasonable living for me and my family from art whilst making beautiful things that people want to put in their homes.

To see Gareth Tristan Evans' new collection, click here!