Rich Simmons

Rich Simmons is a contemporary British artist, whose work fuses Street and Pop styles for a pioneering, twenty-first century aesthetic. Self taught, Simmons rose to fame in 2011 with his ‘Will and Kate’ graffiti mural: a stencilled image of the royal couple as Sid and Nancy.

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Since then, Simmons’ work has filled the streets of the capital and has appeared across the globe, in some of the biggest galleries in London, Geneva, Tampa, New York and LA. Simmons’ passion for art is writ large across the works: from Liechtenstein Pop, to classic comic art, to contemporary urban and street, Simmons creates a rich mix of varying styles, which come together in bright, bold palettes.

Using hand drawn stencils and reclaimed billboard materials, Simmons’ work is highly textured and intricately detailed, for an eye-catching and instantly distinctive aesthetic. Today, fans and collectors of SImmons’ work include musicians, celebrities, and even royalty, and his pieces are collected as far as New York, Singapore, Baku, Paris, Dubai, Monaco, Geneva, London and Miami.

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