Eric Ravilious

Eric Ravilious (1903-1942) was an incredibly skilled artist, illustrator, designer, and lithographer who specialised in watercolours of the English countryside.

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He grew up in Sussex and during his adult life lived in London, though frequently travelled to the South Downs. We love how each landscape typifies the British picturesque and vernacular art with a quaint, neoteric sensibility and clarity, by capturing everyday scenes from English provincial life. 

After attending Eastbourne School of Art, Ravilious went on to study in the design school at the Royal College of Art, becoming one of the most popular artists of the 1930s. Ravilious was a skilled wood engraver, his illustrations in this medium make striking use of strong tonal contrast which can be detected throughout his body of work. The artist later served as an Official War Artist from 1940-1942, and died when his aircraft was lost off the coast of Iceland.

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