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Anna Marrow

Anna Marrow is a Bristol-based printmaker and illustrator who draws inspiration from the retro kitsch aesthetic and urban and suburban landscapes. Anna creates surprising and sometimes humorous prints that combine unassuming objects and buildings with exotic creatures and displaced characters such as her diving women and swooping birds.

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Dan Stirling

Dan is a contemporary artist working primarily in oil painting and pencil drawing from his home in Gloucestershire. Inspired by the technical precision of Renaissance art, Dan employs painstaking attention to detail in order to create striking compositions. We love his innovative and modern take on traditional Still Life painting that is remarkably fresh.

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Simon Shepherd

Simon Shepherd is a London born artist, now based in Brighton. Simon's sculptures explore the distinctions between the familiar and the unfamiliar by combining different, relatable objects and creating or illustrating new meanings from this amalgamation. 

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