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Rosco Brittin

Rosco is a London-based artist that specialises in screen printing and collage. He uses nature as his main inspiration, utilising a wide variety of flora and fauna to create fantastical artworks that are both intriguing and enchanting. Rosco's intricate artworks consist of hundreds of individual cut outs that he seamlessly collages together.

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Lisa Lloyd

Lisa strives to capture the beauty of nature, all through the medium of paper. Initially making her intricate designs from card and paper, Lisa then carefully photographs her work. These energetic artworks draw from the dynamism to be found in our natural environment. We love how Lisa creates layers of texture and colour that give each piece a sense of movement.

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Maxine Gregson

Maxine is a contemporary artist that combines typography, photography, grid layering and nostalgic imagery to create intriguing artworks. Her hand-pulled screen prints are a unique union of vintage motifs and futuristic compositions. Maxine's artwork is often described as 'Nostalgic Futurism'.

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