Becky and Lucy, also known as Prehistoric, are a Brighton based couple with a shared love for illustrative and detailed design with intriguing subject matter. The duo specialise in gilded realism pen drawings inspired by nature and historical artworks.

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In her work specialising as a realism tattooist, Becky developed a style which would later lend itself to intricate pen drawings. Prehistoric was established in 2021 when Becky and Lucy worked on their first collaboration together; combining fine art Giclée printed pen drawings with hand applied 24 carat gold leaf.

Becky attended Camberwell, UAL to study Art and Design and subsequently moved to Brighton where she met Lucy. After gaining a Masters in Legal Practice following a bachelors degree in Law with Business, Lucy turned her hand to gilding; working as an art/print assistant in Brighton while setting up Prehistoric. They currently work out of a studio room in their house, developing designs and experimenting with 24ct gold to enhance prints and original drawings. The use of genuine gold, applied by hand, creates a striking and contemporary edge to their pieces and makes each print unique.

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