Dotmaster is a contemporary, London based artist, working at the forefront of urban, street style. Originally involved with, a new-media collective, who worked fiercely throughout the 1990s to fuse art and activism, launching in-your-face events to get people talking. Hitting international headlines in 1997 with ‘Man in a Box’, the work of favoured intense eclecticism, merging graffiti with performance, and appearing anywhere from galleries to nightclubs.
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Much of the original ethos has seeped into Dotmaster’s contemporary work, which remains politically driven, though stripped back and simplified in its material approach. His pieces today take the form of stark, monochrome street art and highly colourised, photo-real stencils - a kind of latter-day trompe l’oeil that tricks the eye with its deft, visual skill. Responding to popular culture, Dostmaster’s work is infused with a subtle, satirical humour, that complements the distinctly British street aesthetic.

Most recently, Dotmaster’s work has featured in the Pattaya Arts Festival and the Marrekech Biennale. He was invited to take part in Banksy's Cans Festival in Waterloo and his work was featured in the accompanying film ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’. Dotmaster is also a co-founder of the Nuart Street Festival in Norway, and a driving force behind ‘The Unfairground’, a twisted set of sideshows that appear at festivals across the globe.
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