Author: Imogen Aldridge

Blue Artworks Perfect for Any Home

Decorating your home is a personal thing, from choosing décor that reflects your personality to deciding how to tastefully arrange it. Everyone goes about it in a different way – some have an idea of the style of artwork they want before they see it, others decide if they’re looking for an original painting, canvas, sculpture or screen print in advance. However, most people are guided by a colour scheme, choosing one or two shades of colour they know are guaranteed to go perfectly in the space they’re planning to brighten up.

One of the most popular colour schemes is blue. That’s because blue is a fairly natural, everyday colour that, far from clashing with existing colour schemes, is more likely to complement the existing décor in your home. 

With that in mind, we’ve handpicked 8 of our favourite blue wall art from across our range to suit all kinds of tastes. These artworks, both from established names and up-and-coming talent, range from world famous nightclub signs through to floral, ethereal portraits that could suit both modern and traditionally designed homes.  


Blue Artworks Perfect for Any Home | Image

Richard Heeps – Space, Ibiza, The Balearic Islands, (Landscape)

For those that have been to the White Isle, the legendary Space Ibiza nightclub needs no introduction. However, if you’ve never visited Ibiza, this indoor/outdoor hybrid space frequently won the title of ‘best club in the world’ and played host to the biggest names in dance music between 1986 and 2016 including Fatboy Slim, Carl Cox, Deadmau5 and many, many more.  

Outside the fabled club stood this iconic sign, shot by renowned photographer Richard Heeps. Once a standout feature of the Playa d’en Bossa skyline, we think it would make the ultimate home décor for any nightlife fan.  


Blue Artworks Perfect for Any Home | Image

Tom Lewis – Koala

Do you have Aussie roots, or do you just love koala bears? Either way, it’s hard not to love this limited-edition Koala print from British artist Tom Lewis.

Part of his Neon Beasts collection, Lewis’s use of a fairly limited colour palette to depict the waterfall in the background contrasts beautifully with the bright neon blue of the koala. Plus, the hazy rays of light the neon emits coupled with the koala’s transparency lends an almost spectral quality to the piece. We think it’d look the part on both light and dark coloured walls.  


Blue Artworks Perfect for Any Home | Image

Ricky Byrne – Movement 14 – Widening / Gyre

If you’re looking for something neutral with a calming quality to help you relax at home, look no further than Richard Byrne’s body of work. His colour fade collection blends different colours together during printing to create something truly beautiful, and Movement 14 – Widening / Gyre striking shades of blue that are guaranteed to please the eye.

In the words of the artist, “Each print begins as a spread of unblended colours and through the printing process and live mixing on screen they get worked together in an ever-smoother blend. At particular points of this mixing process there are moments of emergent composition and colour interaction that are particularly pleasing.”


Blue Artworks Perfect for Any Home | Image

Anne-Marie Ellis – Tiffany Blue

Here’s one for the fashion lovers. Anne-Marie Ellis’s work draws from her career in the fashion industry, while her Tiffany Blue 1837 piece from the Designer ‘Paint Chip’ series is a play on the colour swatches you choose from when decorating. This print, originally painted with acrylic on canvas, uses the distinctive Tiffany blue shade and fine brush work to showcase Tiffany’s iconic house packaging to great effect.

 Blue Artworks Perfect for Any Home | Image

Frances Featherstone – Riding into the Sunset 

This print by Frances Featherstone could induce a holiday daydream at a glance. From her ‘The Heavens’ series, Riding into the Sunset is captured from the perspective of a jetsetter looking out of an aeroplane window at the cloud filled sky. We think the perspective makes this piece more interesting than a conventional print of the sky and is evocative of that feeling of excitement when jet off on a dream holiday. What’s not to love?

 Blue Artworks Perfect for Any Home | Image

Nadia Attura – Cactus Blue

Nadia Attura’s Cactus Blue incorporates a host of artistic skills, including stunning photography of flowers and cacti taken on location combined with paints and ink to create a vividly imagined landscape. We love the use of rich, dark blue to depict the colour of the desert at sunset, and if you look closely, you’ll see the sun setting in the background behind the cacti.


 Blue Artworks Perfect for Any Home | Image

Magnus Gjoen – Cupid – Amor Vincit Omnia

Magnus Gjoien’s Cupid - Amor Vincit Omnia is quite the statement piece and is guaranteed to generate lively discussion with guests at home. Gjoien’s “modern take on Cupid and his bow and arrow” depicts a bomb held on a plinth adorned in gold lettering with the phrase ‘Amor Vincit Omnia’ – Love conquers all. 

While this particular print is available in a variety of colour schemes, this indigo blue version is the perfect palette to bring the best out of your home décor, while adding a touch of ‘modern meets traditional’ to your space.  


Blue Artworks Perfect for Any Home | Image

Carne Griffiths – Relinquished


This abstract print of one of Carne Griffiths’ earliest works on canvas, Relinquished, is created not just using calligraphy ink, but also with two of the artist’s other favourite mediums – tea and alcohol. We love the interplay between light blue and dark green to represent the underwater scene, the detail in the lady’s face as well as the curiosity of the lady’s outstretched hand. Full of personality and bursting with colour, this print is perfect for just about any room at home.

Those are just 8 of our top blue artworks available at Art Republic. Feeling inspired? Don’t forget, you’re able to browse art by colour on our website to find the ultimate piece to suit your home. And if you’re set on blue as the main colour, you can find all blue artwork right here too. 

blue artworks

Deliverance Blanc Blue Foil by Cassandra Yap
Arrives by christmas
Deliverance Blanc Blue Foil £50

Cassandra Yap

29.7 x 29.7cm

Limited Edition of 200


Alex Khabbazi

43 x 59.4cm

Limited Edition of 35

Hummingbird with Blue Background - Medium £100

Lisa Lloyd

29.7 x 42cm

Limited Edition of 50

Brigitte Bardot - Powder Blue Diamond Dust £1,100

David Studwell

87 x 106cm

Limited Edition of 10

Ringo Starr (Blue Stripe) £150

Carl Stimpson

50 x 70cm

Limited Edition of 5

Woman Wading £375

David Storey

56 x 76cm

Limited Edition of 50

Giant Panda £125

Tom Lewis

30 x 30 cm

Limited Edition of 250

St Ives Hoodie £120

Oli Mumby

42 x 59.4cm

Limited Edition of 100

Welcome Home - Mini by Bonnie and Clyde
Arrives by christmas
Welcome Home - Mini £150

Bonnie and Clyde

29.5 x 41.5cm

Limited Edition of 75

Ice Cream Sprinkles £225

Carl Moore

43 x 60 cm

Limited Edition of 50

Blue China Dogs by Hannah Carvell
Arrives by christmas
Blue China Dogs £70

Hannah Carvell

50 x 40cm

Limited Edition of 20

Darling by Daisy Emerson
Arrives by christmas
Darling £150

Daisy Emerson

60 x 30cm

Open Edition

Concert Hall £138

Sybil Andrews

43.2 x 47.2 cm

Limited Edition of 850