Dan Baldwin

Dan Baldwin works and lives in Sussex, UK, and his practice combines screen-printing techniques with household paint, found objects, and spray paint. Though he is primarily a painter, he has also worked with ceramics and bronze, as well collaborating with global brands, fashion collections, album art, and book covers. We love the way Dan incorporates colour and layering, allowing for spontaneity and creativity in his artworks. 

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He once remarked on how he never plans his artwork beforehand. His multi-layered allegorical artworks often evoke strong contrasting ideas of nostalgia, innocence, decay and love. His artwork deals with contemporary topics such as politics, religion, and innocence. It is very important to the artist to use “real” elements in his artworks, previously including Iraqi and U.S. currency, vintage crucifixes, and bullets. 

Throughout his thirty year career, Dan has been featured in art fairs worldwide and produced over twenty solo exhibitions since 1998 in destinations such as Paris, New York City, London, Los Angeles, and Brighton. In 2016, the Saatchi gallery hosted a retrospective from his print editions. His artworks have been licensed for both television and film, with BBC Arts correspondent Maeve Doyle once describing his artworks as ‘Psychological Landscapes.’ He currently works with a selection of international galleries, and features in the permanent collections of The Groucho Club, Café Royal, and Club at St. Barnabas. 

We’ve been working with Dan Baldwin since 2006.


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