Rosco Brittin

Rosco is a London-based artist that specialises in screen printing and collage. He uses nature as his main inspiration, utilising a wide variety of flora and fauna to create fantastical artworks that are both intriguing and enchanting. Rosco's intricate artworks consist of hundreds of individual cut outs that he seamlessly collages together.

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From vintage wallpapers and classical paintings to restaurant menus, we love how Rosco takes inspiration from a variety of sources to create quirky compositions that breathe life into his subject matter.


Born in a video shop in the 1980's, Rosco's free spirited childhood has heavily influenced his artistic practice. The artist says of this influence: "I was born in a video shop in the 80's so I've seen some pretty crazy things. Back in the days when you could only rent films - that's how old I am - and the things I saw as a child inspired me...someone described my work once as "when special effects meets paper" and I really liked that. I try to make my work look fantastical and lovely but my upbringing has definitely inspired what I like and what I want to transmit."

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