Author: Imogen Aldridge

Green wall art to make your space stand out

For most people around the world, blue is the number one colour. Many surveys have shown blue to be the most popular colour among all ages around the globe. However, the second most popular colour is green. And it’s no surprise. The colour green is one that we commonly associate with spring and rebirth, and that makes it one of the most fitting colours to use in a new home. 

Extremely versatile and able to evoke a range of emotions, there are many fantastic artworks and prints that use the colour green to really stand out and leave an impression on the viewer. We’ve collated six of our favourites that we think will brighten up any living space:

1. Nature-inspired artwork 

Since green is so heavily linked to nature and the outdoors, it’s a brilliant theme to browse if you want to add a dash of calm and serenity to the feel of your home. From gorgeous botanical drawings to beautiful paintings of birds of paradise, there’s a world of nature-inspired art that’ll bring a breath of fresh air to your décor.

Jana Nicole – Botanical Thoughts: Millpond

Green wall art to make your space stand out | Image

Green wall art to make your space stand out | Image

If vibrant green is the central colour in your living room or bedroom, look no further than this piece by mixed media collage artist Jana Nicole to really bring it all to life. We love her entire botanical series, but this piece seriously stands out. The richness and diversity that Nicole has produced from such a limited colour palette is stunning, from the pale yellow of the petals to the dark, earthy green of the shrubbery. And that black background just makes every shade pop even more.

Oli Mumby – Night swimming – Edition 1

Green wall art to make your space stand out | Image

Green wall art to make your space stand out | Image

Using a combination of collage and pastel work, contemporary artist Oli Mumby creates a beautifully abstract lake and woodland scene with intricate layers and fascinating textures. We’re big fans of the restrained use of blues and greens that don’t extend beyond the shadows, remaining intriguingly within the boundaries. 

On ‘Night Swimming’, Mumby says, “There’s a small lake in the Derbyshire, which inspired this picture. The puddle in question isn’t particularly remarkable, by any stretch, but if you approach it from the ‘wrong’ side - by going off-piste and squelching through the spongy bog, cowpats and spiky grasses, the wooded backdrop can be quite moody and striking.”

2. Green abstract pieces

Abstract artworks can mean many things to many different people, and that’s one of the main reasons they’re so appealing to display at home. Every person that views the same piece takes something unique away from it. And when green is at the heart of it, abstract prints add an extra touch of zing. 

Lene Bladbjerg – Life is But a Learning Curve

Green wall art to make your space stand out | Image

Green wall art to make your space stand out | Image

The best abstract pieces resonate with the viewer and despite their very nature, offer something clearly relatable. Such is the case with London-based Danish artist Lene Bladbjerg’s 'Life is But a Learning Curve'. To us, the curved lines set against that pastel green background represent life itself and the many ups and downs along the road. Because it evokes strong, cherished personal memories, that artwork-viewer relationship which is so integral to abstract art is un-replicable here. 

It may not necessarily be the star of the show in your home décor, but we love art that makes us think, and this piece does just that. Plus, it’ll suit just about any room you decide to display it in.

Mark Beattie – Orange with Green

Green wall art to make your space stand out | Image

Green wall art to make your space stand out | Image

This piece by award-winning sculptor Mark Beattie may only use three colours, but still retains a striking, sophisticated quality that helps it stand out against other green abstract art. Based on Beattie’s fascination with the perfection of circles, the art of sculpting metal and his more recent work with neon, we love the fluorescent orange standing out against the matte black of the ‘sculpture’ and the beautiful green backdrop.

On introducing light into his abstract sculptures and prints, Beattie says, “There’s an energy in neon light and not just the current running through the glass, but I see a positive energy which I hope will transfer to the viewer and create some tranquillity even if just for a second. A moment of reflection, meditation almost, away from our busy lives.”

3. Hints of green

Green may be a bright, attention-grabbing colour, but it doesn’t always need to be the solo star of the show. In fact, we think it can have just as much impact when used with restraint, and these pieces from two of our favourite emerging artists prove it in fine, unique style. 

Carl Stimpson – George Harrison (Green Stripe)

Green wall art to make your space stand out | Image

Green wall art to make your space stand out | Image

Want art prints that showcase your love for icons of music AND the colour green? Here at Art Republic, we’re huge fans of contemporary pop art, and this piece by artist Carl Stimpson has all the essential characteristics of great pop art – coupled with fantastic use of vivid green. If you’re a big-time Beatles fan, that distinctive hair and leaning pose (okay, the title of the piece too) will tell you exactly who the legend in this print is. As the only bright colour depicted in this piece, that bold green stripe really stands out and adds a contemporary twist to this tribute to a legendary guitarist in rock and roll history. And if green is the main colour in your living room or bedroom, this piece adds the perfect accent to that décor and ties it all together.

Clare Halifax – Around and About London

Green wall art to make your space stand out | Image

Green wall art to make your space stand out | Image

Ever walked around the city and wondered where all the green space is? Around and About London by Clare Halifax uses the colour green to great effect, showing the eternal battle in the UK’s capital between the urban and natural landscape.

With the exception of those distinctive red buses dotted around Trafalgar Square and Whitehall, the colours in this piece are used exclusively for natural scenery, like the River Thames, royal parks and trees lining the streets. Contrasting beautifully against the intricate illustrations of architectural landmarks, the greenery adds a ton of character to the piece. Combined with the use of a wide range of textures to separate the landscape, skyline and river, this is a piece that reveals something new every time you look at it. We think it’s the ultimate feature piece to display in a living room, bedroom or hallway, and the perfect addition for any Londoner or lover of the city.

Don’t forget, at Art Republic, we’ve got a huge range of beautiful green art prints to choose from in our collection. Whether you’re looking for a piece of contemporary pop art that uses green for full effect, a portrait that makes green the star of the piece, or a single colour abstract that means something different to everyone in your home, you’ll find a gorgeous piece of art to make your home pop with colour and style right here. 

green artworks

Blue Elvis by Andy Warhol
Blue Elvis £4,080

Andy Warhol


Limited edition of 49

The Wild Swim from £120

Oli Mumby

Various sizes

Saddle Trio: Green £75

Mathilda Mai

29.7 x 42cm

Limited edition of 35

Roarsome - Green by And Wot
Roarsome - Green £195

And Wot

50 x 70cm

Limited edition of 2

Skull Skatedeck (White) by Andy Warhol
Skull Skatedeck (White) £650

Andy Warhol

20.3 x 78.7cm

Limited edition of 100

Jackfruit Friends XL £85

Charlie Evaristo-Boyce

50 x 70cm

Limited edition of 25

In The Sky With Stars £195

Charlie Evaristo-Boyce

70 x 100cm

Limited edition of 16

Rich Enough to be Batman - "Buy... £65

Heath Kane

15.6 x 6.6cm

Limited edition of 10

Jasmine Garden £150

Hannah Adamaszek

42 x 60cm

Limited edition of 20

The Morning After ll £175

Delphine Lebourgeois

30.5 x 40.6cm

Limited edition of 60

The Olive Branch (Oliva) £2,500

Magnus Gjoen

95 x 120cm

Limited edition of 3

Space Vader - Green by The Thomas Brothers
Space Vader - Green £95

The Thomas Brothers

40 x 40cm

Limited edition of 25

Til Death Do Us Part (Viridian Leaf Green Chocolate Skull) by Damien Hirst
Ready To Hang
Til Death Do Us Part (Viridian Leaf... £10,200

Damien Hirst

37.1 x 52.2cm

Limited edition of 50

Junglist from £350

Victoria Topping

Various sizes

Olive Green £650

Nathalie Kingdon

76 x 76cm

Limited edition of 30

Backwaters Oasis from £280

Nadia Attura

Various sizes

The Plant Loves Me by David Shrigley
The Plant Loves Me £2,970

David Shrigley

56 x 76cm

Limited edition of 125

Fireflies - Green £325

Tom Lewis

50 x 63.5cm

Limited edition of 25

Icarus by Henri Matisse
Icarus £660

Henri Matisse

54.5 x 36cm

Lady Oriole £175

Olly Howe

55 x 68cm

Limited edition of 25

Better Lonely Alone Than Lonely With You by The Connor Brothers
Better Lonely Alone Than Lonely With You £1,240

The Connor Brothers

30 x 42cm

Limited edition of 18

Mr. Addie by Mr. Wu
Mr. Addie £300

Mr. Wu

59.4 x 84.1cm

Limited edition of 20