Tim Fowler

Tim is a contemporary British artist whose works often concentrate on female portraits or sprawling plants, but focus less on likeness and instead on capturing the chaos of human experience. Tim experiments with a variety of artistic mediums using oil paints, graffiti ink, enamel and spray paint to create depth and texture.

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His unconventional methods of application such as smearing and dripping add a distinct element of dynamism to his work. Tim’s unmistakeable colour palette of vivid pinks, blues and greens underscore his unique style and give life to the canvas. We love how Tim’s paintings eschew literal and figural representation and instead celebrate the freedom and joy of creation.

Tim lives and works in Leicester. After graduating from Sheffield Hallam University in 2007 with a degree in Contemporary Fine Art, Tim experimented with painting architectural structures before turning to the striking portraiture work he is celebrated for today. Tim has been exhibiting his work for over a decade and has participated in shows worldwide including countries such as the United States, Germany and Ibiza, not to mention a variety of solo shows in his home country. Examples of these shows include solo exhibitions at Darren Baker Gallery, The London Westbank Gallery, and Pure Evil Gallery, as well as multiple appearances at the Affordable Art Fair.

We’ve been working with Tim Fowler since 2018.

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