Antony 'H' Haylock

Antony 'H' Haylock

We’ve been working with Antony since 2016

Antony is a contemporary artist who uses graphic design, oil paint, acrylic and eco-solvent based mediums when creating: “the medium is secondary, I just set to work with what suits the end result I’m after ''. Inspired by iconic objects, we love the way each artwork is a true conversation between the paint and the canvas, to create painterly yet mesmerizingly lifelike works:

“Something that has the power to evoke an emotion, a memory, a visual time stamp, things that compels us to covet them. I find the coldest, most inanimate object can hold so much representation beyond its purpose.” 

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Antony studied graphics at college before partnering with Pez and becoming one of the foremost artists of the 80s Rave Scene. With a growing popularity, came a demand for commissions of murals and large-scale paintings which ultimately encouraged him to explore new options and adopt different styles. As a result, Antony took to the world of TV, initially working at the BBC and later at Pinewood Studios. 

After an interlude into the world of creative directing, Antony returned to a more hands-on and practical approach to creating, generating art installations for exhibitions throughout the country for clients including Sony, LG, Pimms and more. Since then, Antony has continued to produce art through a range of mediums that never fail to surprise his audience. 

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