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Haus of Lucy's Lucy Bryant is a contemporary multi-media artist and graphic designer. Although having graduated from the University of Derby, she is less defined by her formal art training than by her loose, creative approach and varied influences, which include Pop Art and the Punk music scene.

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Responding to contemporary culture, Lucy’s art subverts the everyday and the banal, always striving to disrupt the ordinary and create something entirely new. Her print series appropriates the classic, antiquated landscape painting: steering away from the iconic work of the masters, Bryant favours the unloved and the unknown, those skilled pastiches of a Turner or a Constable, that fill the tables of junk shops.

Onto these, Bryant has added anachronistic motifs to create a jarring and unexpected end result: is that an easyJet plane, gliding through a 15th Century sunset? And what’s that Shell Oil truck doing in the middle of a nineteenth century pastoral scene? Bryant’s work is brilliantly humorous and refreshing, and leaves us to ponder the true character of art in the twenty-first century. Lucy applies the same principle to her ceramics; she takes unloved, forgotten-about chintzy kitsch figurines and breathes new life into them. A small boy sitting on a countryside fence becomes urban in his Nike hoodie whilst an 18th century gentleman takes a slurp of his giant strawberry frappuccino.

Lucy has responded to the global pandemic by creating a series of Covid-19 themed figurines; a beautiful lady becomes a panic buyer in mask and gloves (surrounded by shopping), a smart Gentleman is seen ‘working from home’ whilst watching Game of Thrones on his laptop and a Regency couple give a piano recital via Zoom (playing Stormzy’s greatest hits). Mark Ronson has recently bought two of these pieces.

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