Haus of Lucy (formerly Lucy Bryant)

Haus of Lucy (formerly Lucy Bryant)

We’ve been working with Lucy since 2017.

Haus of Lucy - formerly Lucy Bryant - is a multimedia artist and graphic designer whose work responds to and makes comment upon contemporary culture. In appropriating the classical picturesque Eighteenth Century landscape, Lucy paints and subverts expectations by alluding to current social, political and cultural commentaries, and a true sense of discord is created. 


The unexpected anachronisms that deftly find their way into her compositions result in artwork that is saturated in humour. We love the refreshingly comic disruption of the ordinary, juxtaposing the past with the present, making us question if the woman in that portrait really is wearing Beats headphones?

Lucy graduated from the University of Derby where she was formally trained in Fine Art, before taking the art world by storm. Lucy has exhibited in Brighton at the Fringe Festival, in the Paxton Glew gallery and at the London Craft Week.

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