Bambi is an anonymous street artist famous for her gritty graffiti works that comment on socio-political injustice, and focus on the struggles of living as a woman in a patriarchal culture.

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Her intriguing moniker was born from her childhood nickname ‘Bambino’, when she first started tagging in London. We love how she uses her unique position as an anonymous female artist to spread awareness of societal issues through often-controversial imagery. Initially hailed as ‘The female Banksy’, Bambi has since forged her own identity within the graffiti art scene and has found worldwide acclaim with her politically charged and witty commentary. She often creates stencils of topical contemporary figures and relates them to popular culture.


After receiving an MA from Central St Martins, Bambi’s prominence skyrocketed. A notable exhibition of hers was during the 57th Venice Biennale, where she revealed The Pope Gives Us Hope, a waterfront piece that referenced the Pope’s calls to end climate change. Perhaps her most infamous work is ‘Lie Lie Land’, a stencil of Theresa May and Donald Trump dancing in the pose made famous by the film, La La Land. These brutal reflections of society have gained her a dedicated following on social media platforms as well as a host of celebrity clientele.

We’ve been working with Bambi since 2019.

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