What is your motivation behind the Weapon of Voice project?

The Weapon of Voice project started out as street art. Like a lot of my work, it’s about empowering the female voice, apt at a time where women in the public eye are so often bullied, dehumanised and threatened for being successful. In the original street piece in London, I put the names of 22 different women who have used their strong and powerful voices to contribute to, enhance and improve society. Weapon of Voice brings different female voices together and amplifies them. In doing so, I hope other women will feel empowered to use their voices. 

Do you see Weapon of Voice as an ongoing project?

Definitely. It’s an ongoing work of art. Street art is a democratised way to share my work and ideas but I wanted Weapon of Voice to become a bigger celebration of female success that could inspire others. I wanted people to be able to own a part of the series so these are editions at accessible prices.

Who are your favourite figures from the project so far?

It’s difficult to say but Emily Davidson is a real hero of mine. She was a woman of almost unimaginable courage who repeatedly ran the gravest personal risks in pursuit of the campaign for women’s votes.

Why Beyonce and Billie Eilish?

Both Beyonce and Billie Eilish are so successful, as their recent Grammy wins attest to, and are true modern icons. Billie is very outspoken about expectations placed on women’s bodies, and particularly by the music industry. She’s also conscious that other women - like Taylor Swift - have helped pave the way for her career. And Beyonce is a role model and record breaker in every respect.

This piece is for the ladies of London.
Find your voice.
Hone it daily.
Push where and when you need to.
Take zero bullshit.
Be your best self.

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