Paul Jackson

Paul currently lives and works in Toronto, Canada, but grew up in Brighton, England. He is particularly inspired by popular culture and the intermix between surreal and sci-fi, natural and supernatural, and is also keenly interested in technology and its failings. 

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We love the way he approaches Surrealism with recognizable characters from popular culture. His detailed drawings and playful ideas showcase the way he flips the world to fit his artistic vision.  

While Paul constantly creates artworks for his own collectors, he also creates art for the music and film industry. His clients include 20th Century Fox, Universal, Blink 182, and His incredibly detailed artworks often resemble anatomical peepholes into a distant world. From the age of five, Paul was fascinated by drawing and sketches of animals, an aspect which carries into his current style.

We’ve been working with Paul Jackson since 2019.

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