Carl Moore

Carl is a London-based artist who paints, draws and makes short films with a tendency to investigate unusual, unconventional and amusing subjects. He uses a range of different sources, inspirations and a multitude of methods to generate a diverse body of work that plays on the absurd.

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From ice creams to animals, Carl fills his compositions with vibrantly colored paint that drips down the canvas. The result creates striking prints, the drips of which are so clean and simple in appearance that they somewhat resemble a computer-generated barcode. Using playful intent, Carl’s most renowned body of work is a series of digitally produced prints that look at the notion of ‘Animals Pretending to be Other Animals’. We love the vibrancy of compositions that defy the ordinary.

Carl holds an MA in Digital Moving Imagery from the London Guildhall University and a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from Winchester School of Art. His work has been shown on a number of occasions at The London Art Fair and The Affordable Art Fair across the world, and he has featured in several publications such as ‘Art of England’ and ‘Artists and Illustrators’. Carl’s work has been sold worldwide and features in the art collection of a number of celebrities.

We’ve been working with Carl Moore since 2014.

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