Carl Moore

Carl Moore

We’ve been working with Carl since 2014

Carl is a London-based artist who paints, draws and makes short films. Using playful intent, their most renowned work is a series of digitally produced prints that look at the notion of ‘Animals Pretending to be Other Animals’. We love the vibrancy of compositions that never fail to inject humour and instill a sense of the absurd. 

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Carl has a tendency to investigate unusual, unconventional and amusing subjects and another body that exemplifies this is ‘Dripsters’ which toys with the semantics of ice-cream. In taking the outlines of animals, filling them with vibrantly coloured paint and dripping that paint down the canvas, he defies the ordinary. The result creates striking duo toned prints, the drips of which are so simple in appearance that they somewhat resemble a computer-generated barcode. 

Carl uses a range of different sources, inspirations and a multitude of methods to generate a diverse body of work. Carl’s work has featured in several publications including ‘Art of England’ and ‘Artists and Illustrators’. Carl’s work has been sold worldwide and features in the art collection of a number of celebrities.

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