Author: Imogen Aldridge

An Interview with Dave Towers

Ahead of our highly anticipated release of new and exclusive artworks by Dave Towers, we sat down with the typography artist to get the inside scoop of his new print and what keeps him inspired.

AR: What first drew you towards typography?

DAVE: I always enjoyed drawing letters, alphabets. I remember we were given art homework to design a typeface in secondary school and I got carried away and did three. It didn't feel like work. I just wanted to do it. We'd do a still life study in art class, and I'd spend a lot of the time drawing the label and typography on the wine bottle.

 An Interview with Dave Towers | Image
LOVE 2022 by Dave Towers
An Interview with Dave Towers | Image

AR: What do you want viewers to feel when they experience your work?

DAVE: Oh god I don't know. I suppose a gut feeling of warmth and joy? The textures and imperfections of the ink are quite unpredictable. You're trying to be perfect, but you never quite make it. I'd hope it's the imperfections that people are drawn to. 


AR: Your artworks are so vibrant, how important is colour to your work?

DAVE: I love the overlay of colour. How inks change colour when you overlay them in a certain order. 


AR: What inspires your artworks? Do you take inspiration from any other artists/art movements?

DAVE: I spent about twenty years trying to develop my own typographic style. I'd always be trying to experiment with something. Dutch typography really inspires me. Karel Martens. Letman. Wim Crouwel. Parra. Niels Shoe Meulman. I love Geoff McFetridge and Jason Revok also and the German artist Stohead, he's fucking brilliant.

 An Interview with Dave Towers | Image

A detail of Dave Towers' hand-embellished LOVE 2022 print
An Interview with Dave Towers | Image

AR: Your artworks must require a steady hand and concentration, do you have any rituals that get you in the creative mood?

DAVE: I just get stuck in. When it comes to painting, I've generally worked out the composition and it's down to the imperfections of the ink that bring things to life. I probably spend most of my time painting thinking about the solution to the next painting.


AR: Are you much of a planner? How long does an artwork take you, from idea to completed piece?

DAVE: I plan it all. That's what takes the time. And that's what makes the process videos that got me a lot of attention look like it's so easy. You don't see the four hours previous working it all out.

 An Interview with Dave Towers | Image

An Interview with Dave Towers | Image

AR: How does creating your own artwork compare to collaborating with big brands?

DAVE: Working for big brands gives you discipline and, as a creative, a sometimes-defiant work ethic. You try your hardest to create something you feel proud of whilst working within the restrictions of guidelines. Working for yourself gives you energy, freedom and excitement. Both complement each other.


AR: What can you tell us about your release with Art Republic?

DAVE: The LOVE painting was my first real collaboration with a gallery. This release on giclée will hopefully open it up to a wider audience. The quality of the print is really amazing. I didn't think you could get that close to the original with a giclée print.

 An Interview with Dave Towers | Image

Dave Towers creating his hand-finished LOVE 2022 limited edition prints

An Interview with Dave Towers | Image

AR: What’s next for you?

DAVE: There are talks of a possible solo show in London this year. Lots of new concepts and materials I need to find the time to paint and experiment with.#

To keep up to date with the latest artworks from Dave Towers, and get your hands on his much-anticipated LOVE print, visit his collection page here.


Dream £300

Dave Towers

84.1 x 59.4cm

Oh Fuck £300

Dave Towers

59.4 x 84.1cm

FFS £120

Dave Towers

42 x 29.7cm

Joy £120

Dave Towers

42 x 29.7cm

Happy £300

Dave Towers

100 x 70cm

Kiss £300

Dave Towers

84.1 x 59.4cm

Limited edition of 20

Love 2022 by Dave Towers
Arrives by christmas
Love 2022 £125

Dave Towers

59.5 x 42cm

Limited Edition of 50

Love 2022 (hand-finished) by Dave Towers
Sold Out
Love 2022 (hand-finished) £225

Dave Towers

84.5 x 59.5cm

Limited Edition of 10

Love 2022 - Framed by Dave Towers
Ready To Hang
Love 2022 - Framed £210

Dave Towers

75.5 x 58cm

Limited edition of 50