Tom Camp

Tom Camp is a British illustrator, designer and screen print technician working in Nottingham, UK. Tom's bold colour choices and very hand sketched textured style is heavily influenced by his time as a screen printer. We love how Tom builds his work as if it was a screen print, layer by layer adding depth and contrast.

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Tom studied illustration at Norwich School of Art & Design, graduating in 2011. He then went on to work as a commercial screen printer in London.

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Tom Camp £80

Birds of Paradise

22.5 x 53 cm

Limited Edition of 30

Tom Camp £140

Two Swallows

50 x 22.5 cm

Limited Edition of 21

Tom Camp £180


50.5 x 23.5 cm

Limited Edition of 17

Tom Camp £160

Slow Loris

50 x 50 cm

Tom Camp £200

Red & Blue Duck

50 x 50 cm

Tom Camp £120

Red Duck

50 x 50

Tom Camp £100

Two Bulldogs

50 x 50 cm

Tom Camp £50

Brew up Darth

50 x 70 cm

Tom Camp £50

Brew up Manny

50 x 70 cm

Tom Camp £140

Two Swallows - Framed

50 x 22.5cm

Limited Edition of 21

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