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Edward Bawden Larchwood £175.00
Edward Bawden March Noon £225.00
Eric Ravilious Cuckmere Haven (1939) £260.00
Eric Ravilious Newt Pond 1932 £225.00
Victor Pasmore The Abstract £175.00
Victor Pasmore Points of Contact No. 24 £175.00
Isabel Alexander Orkney Crossing £195.00
Isabel Alexander North Essex Landscape £148.00
Simon Palmer Pilgrim’s Way £225.00
Eric Ravilious Beachy Head Lighthouse, Belle Tout £225.00
Pablo Picasso La Souris (The Mouse) With Frame £83.00
Simon Palmer Cycling Home £260.00
Simon Palmer East of Eden £225.00
Gavin Dobson Ices That Are Nicest £190.00
Gavin Dobson Feast £140.00
Gavin Dobson Strawberry Split £140.00
Gavin Dobson Rocket £140.00
Filfury Wu-Bob £200.00
Filfury Supreme Soaker £300.00
Filfury BMX-47 - Black £300.00
John Piper Stonehenge £225.00
John Piper Newhaven Harbour and Cliff £225.00
James Bates Illumination £150.00
James Bates Signals £150.00
James Bates Erratic Zoom £150.00
James Bates Cosmic Trigger £150.00