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If you’re searching for a special piece to add to your collection, look no further than our Rare & Hard to Find Collection. Our art experts have carefully chosen artworks by sought-after and collectible artists to make it easy for you to keep up to date with art market trends. From Damien Hirst and Yayoi Kusama to Jeff Koons and David Shrigley, our curated collection holds a wide variety of remarkable limited edition prints that are currently in demand and not available on the open market.

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Nud by Sarah Lucas
Nud £1,400

Sarah Lucas

32.2 x 42cm

Limited edition of 100

That's All Folks, 2014 by Mel Bochner
That's All Folks, 2014 £8,000

Mel Bochner

76.2 x 55.9cm

Limited edition of 5 PPs

H13-5 Exmouth Esplanade (from Where the Land Meets the Sea) by Damien Hirst
H13-5 Exmouth Esplanade (from Where the Land... £7,000

Damien Hirst

90 x 90cm

Limited edition of 320

Capo Spulico, 2021 by Massimo Vitali
Capo Spulico, 2021 £850

Massimo Vitali

20.3 x 27.9cm

Curled Up by Tracey Emin
Curled Up £7,450

Tracey Emin

60 x 76cm

Limited edition of 100

Life Will Never Be The Same by Tracey Emin
Life Will Never Be The Same £18,000

Tracey Emin

74 x 94cm

Limited edition of 50

GDP Rat by Banksy
GDP Rat £2,900


50.5 x 38.5cm

Eroded DeLorean by Daniel Arsham
Eroded DeLorean £7,130

Daniel Arsham

31 x 14cm

Limited edition of 500

Image of Happiness by Marina Abramovic
Image of Happiness £1,860

Marina Abramovic

58.98 x 78.99cm

Limited edition of 150

The Currency (H11-823) Unique Print by Damien Hirst
Sold Out
The Currency (H11-823) Unique Print £8,680

Damien Hirst

150 x 100cm

Limited edition of 1000

Intervals 3 (Blue/Green) by Bridget Riley
Intervals 3 (Blue/Green) £8,640

Bridget Riley

38 x 55.5cm

Limited edition of 75

Everything Is Good by David Shrigley
Everything Is Good £3,420

David Shrigley

56 x 75cm

Limited edition of 125

Prisoner by Dolk
Prisoner £1,750


50 x 70cm

Limited edition of 250

Silverback VII by Dave White
Silverback VII £4,000

Dave White

117 x 117cm

Limited edition of 5

Cedar by Ai Weiwei
Cedar £1,750

Ai Weiwei

38 x 47.5cm

Limited edition of 150

Homage to Rauschenberg (Portfolio Set) by Peter Blake
Homage to Rauschenberg (Portfolio Set) £15,300

Peter Blake

70 x 86cm

Limited edition of 125

Skull Skatedeck (White) by Andy Warhol
Skull Skatedeck (White) £650

Andy Warhol

20.3 x 78.7cm

Limited edition of 100

Rimowa by Daniel Arsham
Rimowa £8,060

Daniel Arsham

36.8 x 45.7cm

Limited edition of 500

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