Laura Jane Scott

Laura is an artist who plays with geometric shapes to create her own elegant hybrids of painting and sculpture. Living and working in South London, Laura’s work is a successful experiment into the way colour, form and shape interact. The artist layers basic geometric forms on top of one another, dissecting the fundamental elements of painting and sculpture, then merging the two in her compositions.

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Laura says of her minimalist works: “my work is primarily an exploration of balance, of positive and negative space, of presence and absence.” We love how Laura is inspired by the work of Ellsworth Kelly, amongst other minimalist artists, and their instinctive creative process. Laura’s own process is only complete once she feels each piece has reached a point of complete harmony and balance.

Laura achieved a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design from Ravensbourne College, during which she shaped her own artistic practise. Her work has been exhibited widely, with stand out shows including the Royal academy of Art’s Summer Exhibition, the Affordable Art Fair in both New York and Hamburg, 2018, and the Painting Open 2018 at No Format Gallery, London.

We’ve been working with Laura Jane Scott since 2021.

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