Ian Robinson

Ian is a London-based artist who creates detailed oil paintings that carry a sense of nostalgia, drawing on iconography from past decades. His lovingly curated collections of records, magazines and books and other ephemera celebrate these outdated objects that were discarded by the masses after the introduction of new technology.

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We love how Ian’s work revels in the collected material found in libraries and second hand shops, giving new life to objects that were no longer wanted. 

Ian was born in Northumberland and worked in the Oil and Gas industry, before moving to London to study painting. Ian graduated from Wimbledon College of Art in 2011, and was granted a graduate residency at Muse Gallery in Notting Hill. Ian has continued to work with The Muse Gallery since his first solo show in 2011, and has participated in a variety of other group and solo shows across the country. Ian’s Still Life paintings can be found in Landmark Space’s permanent collection in London. Two of Ian’s works, Remix and Favourites, were included in the 2020 Northern Lights Art prize. 

We’ve been working with Ian Robinson since 2021.


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