Anna Marrow

Anna Marrow is a Bristol-based printmaker and illustrator who draws inspiration from the retro kitsch aesthetic and urban and suburban landscapes. Anna creates surprising and sometimes humorous prints that combine unassuming objects and buildings with exotic creatures and displaced characters such as her diving women and swooping birds.

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Having lived in Liverpool, London and Bristol, Anna has experienced the best of British architecture and is inspired by Brutalism and the work of Victorian architects. We love how Anna is unafraid to build on the unfamiliar and combine subjects to craft her own unique story, whilst referencing her love of and nostalgia for 1970s pop culture. 

Anna has been working as a printmaker and illustrator for over 20 years. After studying Fine Art in Bristol, Anna achieved an MA in Communication Design at Central St Martins where she specialised in illustration. She now works and makes her prints at Spike Print Studio, Bristol. Anna’s creative process is multifaceted, beginning with biro and ink drawings, then into collages, with her works finally becoming screenprints. Anna has exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair in New York and London. She has also been commissioned by a selection of high profile clients including Selfridges, The Guardian and Polydor Records.

We’ve been working with Anna since 2021.

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