Splattered floors, crusty paint brushes, absinthe bottles in the corner for the room, and the odd severed ear; artists’ studios are frequently imagined but this week the reality of the space in which art is created has been explored.

On BBC Radio 4, artist Susan Aldworth presented a radio programme ‘A Room for a View: The Artist’s Studio’. She visited the studio of artist Tony Bevan to find out how he uses the space to create his art, heard from Jonathan Harvey, executive director of legendary studio co-operative ACME, who are currently building new studios for the future, and talked with Hossein Amirsadeghi who has just visited over 100 British artists in their studios, resulting in an encyclopaedic photographic record, ‘Sanctuary’ – all exploring the idea of what makes a great studio.


Whilst in the Guardian travel section, Paul Cézanne's studio in Aix-en-Provence was this week's chosen destination. It is one of the most remarkable studios in the world preserved exactly as he left it, with his hat still sitting on its peg and a glass of wine on the table. Check out this great little Guardian video of the visit.

The artist’s studio is a fascinating subject so watch this space for our exploration of artrepublic artist’s studios…