View our collectable art highlights for May 2014 by taking a walk around the walls of our artrepublic gallery. Gallery team member Jess Miles takes you through three fantastic art works including a brilliant edition by David Spiller, a beautiful Magnus Gjoen piece and an outstanding John Simpson silkscreen.

David Spiller, ‘Love Is’ art print: This is a signed limited edition of 75. David Spiller’s been around for quite a long time now, he’s a really well established artist and his works have become really collectible because he only releases a few prints a year. He tends to use classic cartoon characters mixed in with really popular song lyrics. So you can see Sylvester and song lyrics like “in my heart it was always you” and “bring me sunshine”. It’s a really nice touch because then you can bring you children in as well as reminiscing yourself.

Magnus Gjoen, ‘Flower Bomb’ art print: This is a signed limited edition of 50. Magnus used to be a designer for Vivien Westwood but he’s been quite an established artist for some time now. He often uses really beautiful Renaissance imagery and here you can see it contours the shape of the piece. He creates most of his pieces digitally and creates a really nice juxtaposition between beauty and danger, and fragility and destructiveness.

John Simpson, ‘Reflection’ art print: This is a signed limited edition of 70. John Simpson is a brand new artist at artrepublic and so far he’s proven to be really popular in the gallery. He explores ideas of folk tales to create emotive scenes with a lot of movement and feeling in them. He also tends to mix mythical creatures with human form which creates quite a curious image that the viewer can look into and explore for themselves. Another piece that we’ve got in the gallery, ‘Eagles Descent’, was actually used for one of Snow Patrol’s album covers. We’re really excited to see what he’s got in store for the future.