Last night’s episode of E4’s reality phenomenon Made in Chelsea, which documents the pretentious lives of the young Chelsea set, saw the work of Mr Brainwash being admired.

24 year-old Francis Boulle, diamond mining heir and skateboarding enthusiast, took his latest plummy date to a contemporary art gallery where he attempted woo her with his wise words on Mr Brainwash's work ‘Love is the Answer’. He even revealed that he had previously purchased an artwork by the internationally renowned street artist for his rival love interest Sophia Sassoon, “who’s a fan”.

As the scene progresses Francis asks his fox-hunting aficionado date if she knows "that Andy Warhol of two people kissing" and asks her if she wants him to demonstrate on her; continuing the conceit the two kiss in front of a Mr Brainwash collage featuring Einstein holding a banner “love is the answer”.

Clearly a Mr Brainwash print and an Andy Warhol anecdote are the perfect first date material…