Yoni Alter

Yoni Alter is a multimedia artist that works across print, paint, digital media and sculpture. Fueled by his love for experimentation, Yoni creates vibrant artworks that are inspired by Pop Art, the urban landscape, and London in particular.

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We love how Yoni’s artworks hover between the figurative and the abstract, challenging viewers to look twice. Playing with colour, form and space, Yoni is constantly seeking out new visual imagery and ways to change up his art to make something new.


Yoni studied Art and Design in Jerusalem before completing his MA in Graphic Design at the University of the Arts London. The artist’s exhibition debut was at Kemistry Gallery in London, and he now collaborates with iconic brands such as Karl Lagerfeld and Hermes. He is also behind a best-selling merchandise range for Tate and his art was part of the 100 Years of Graphic Design exhibition. Yoni’s artwork has been featured in The Guardian, Phaidon, and The Atlantic to name a few.

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