William Kingett

William Kingett graduated from LCC in Graphic Communication in 2010, he then went onto study for his MA and PHD in Social Linguistics and his specialism was the Communications of the United Nations. Kingett himself claims to be very process driven, the artists is also passionate about typography and illustrated iconic popular culture, for this reason William Kingett has firmly placed his creative footing in printmaking, to produce impressive art prints.

As a collector of his own memories, William Kingett uses these as referencing distillations and with them creates new informed patterns of discourse. It is a well known fact that William also likes pizza and would eventually like to become an astronaut and work for NASA. But whilst he's an artist, why not check out his works right here?

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Neon Heart

41 x 42 cm

Limited Edition of 125

New York Pleasures

75 x 55 cm

Limited Edition of 25

Cheap Thrills

103 x 80 cm

Limited Edition of 25

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