Waleska Nomura

Waleska Nomura is a Brazilian artist, living and working in the UK. Self taught in the visual arts, Nomura begin her career painting graffiti letters onto the streets of Sao Paulo, before turning to the canvas where she experimented with figurative forms. As her work developed, so too did her use of materials and media, mixing heavy acrylic paint with collage elements and found objects, to create a truly unique, urban aesthetic.

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Her style is characterised by its use of rainbow-bright colours and two dimensional textures. More recent work has explored a three dimensional approach, bringing modelling clay into her already extensive catalogue of materials. In 2004, Nomura began work on a project entitled ‘Spreading the Love and Positive Energy to the World’, in which she seeks to use her voice as an artist to disseminate her message of warmth and humanity: a noble goal in an industry saturated with fame, success, and capital.

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