Dubbed by Cool Magazine as “one of London’s most remarkable contemporary artists” Von is known for his intricate, illustrative artworks. Having worked as an award-winning illustrator, Von has spent the last few years tuning his fine art practice, exhibiting in galleries internationally, and featuring in prominent collections. Blending nature with culture, his artworks straddle the threshold between detailed figurative imagery and complex abstraction, infusing documentary portraiture with a haunting, surreal quality for bold visual impact.

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Through these fusions, Von manages to capture a fleeting moment in time, delicately suspending the ephemeral on the canvas or page.
As well as appearing in numerous publications and magazines and producing sell out limited editions, Von has exhibited in such venues as, Shepard Fairey’s Subliminal Projects Gallery, Colette, StolenSpace, the London Design Museum and Agnes B and has had solo shows in NY, LA and London. < Read Less

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