Vanessa Bell

Vanessa Bell

Vanessa Bell (1879 –1961) was an English painter and interior designer, who established her reputation as part of the avant-garde Bloomsbury Group - a collection of artists, writers and intellectuals based in Bloomsburry, London - formed by Vanessa Bell and her siblings.

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Vanessa Bell rejected the Victorian style of painting, as well as the discourse on the ideal and aberrant qualities of femininity. Some of Vanessa Bell’s works were related to her personal life. For example, in 1910 the entry of Roger Fry – an art critic with whom Vanessa Bell had a relationship - radically altered Vanessa Bell's life and art. Her art prints, boldly simplified, was now shorn of all detail and intrusive sentiment. Her willingness to experiment, placed her in the forefront of the avant-garde, and she was one of the first in England to essay a non-representational style.

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