TRXTR (Artist): Prints & Originals for Sale

The work of contemporary artist TRXTR explores the darker side of human nature with powerfully seductive style. Using a mixed media approach, applying layer after layer of collage, photography and paint elements, TRXTR’s prints are mesmerising, thought-provoking and poignant. Sex, war, drugs - TRXTR’s distinctive fusion style lends itself to the themes of social and moral significance that his work explores.
Often dark and gritty, TRXTR’s captivating style balances the old with the new, maintaining a reverence for traditional methods, while exploiting twenty-first century digital technique to exquisite effect. Emotive while ambivalent, beautiful while sordid, TRXTR’s prints live in the interstices - the pockets in between the well-defined borders - of modern art. The resulting effect? Intangible, haunting and utterly hypnotic pieces of contemporary art.

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