Toby Mott

Toby Mott

Toby Mott is a British artist from London who defies pigeonholing and straddles conventional categorisation with an easy self-assurance. In 1982, Toby Mott and his childhood friends Daniel Saccoccio, Tim Burke and Paul Spencer formed Grey Organisation in 1982, through this organization they organised live concerts, directed films and took part in exhibitions.

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In 1991, Toby Mott then pursued a solo career as a painter, exhibiting at White Columns in New York, The Thomas Soloman Garage in Los Angeles and Interim Art in London. Recently, Toby Mott has been curating exhibitions and events for The Mott Collection; an archive of British punk fanzines and other visual ephemera along with an accompanying publication, Loud Flash: British Punk on Paper. The success of this venture has positioned Mott as something of an authority in British popular culture.

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