Three artists, one Toaster image: Toasters is at once art collective and urban project, harnessing the modern, street trope of anonymity to strengthen the impact of its visual concept. A charmingly simple stencil, the image has been repeated since 1999 all over the world, on stickers and posters, banners, street corners, music festivals, sports stadiums, museum walls - even on toasters, for some real meta action.

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Flying the flag of the 1960s Pop Art ethos in the twenty-first century, Toasters responds to the banal, to the object-oriented, to the domestic and the machine, creating art from colours and clean lines, geared towards a simplicity which speaks louder than increasingly antiquated, narrative driven forms. Bright, bold, and vibrant, the illusive Toasters project has been captured in a series of limited edition prints, which will bring a touch of the tongue-in-cheek to any space.

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