Tim Doyle - Unavailable

Tim Doyle grew up in Dallas, Texas with a strong passion for comic-books, television and video games. In 1999 Doyle moved to Austin, Texas and began painting. Within 2 years Tim started to appear in galleries and self-published a diary zine, ‘Amazing Adult Fantasy’. In 2004, Tim Doyle became art director/lead designer for MONDO which he proceeded to do for 4 years.
In January 2009, Doyle launched his own company ‘Nakatomi inc’. Later in July 2009 Tim Doyle and artist Clint Wilson built their very own screen printing studio ‘Nakatomi Print Labs’ where themselves and other artists could work as well as perform commercial printing for external clients.

Doyle has also produced art for a variety of companies including Creature Design, The Astor Theatre, ABC’s Lost Poster projects and has just signed on to do comic book covers for DC and Dark Horse. We have a range of stunning prints by artist Tom Doyle here at artrepublic.

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