The Trendsetter

Trendsetter Vibes Unleashed! You're not just a follower; you're the sparkling North Star of style! Your unique flair and creative energy set the trend-o-meter on fire. Picasso would ask for painting tips from you! With an eye for innovation and an avant-garde heart, you effortlessly rock the hottest looks and ideas. Keep strutting your stuff, oh trendsetting maestro, because the world can't get enough of your fabulous influence! 

Trendsetters are lovers of contemporary art. They can prefer minimalist, abstract and pop art to more representational art.

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I'm in the Bush - Deluxe Gold Leaf by Babak Ganjei
Sold Out
I'm in the Bush - Deluxe Gold... £185

Babak Ganjei

50 x 70cm

Limited edition of 50

Throwing Shapes - Mr Penfold £95

Jealous Inc.

50 x 70cm

Limited edition of 36

Hate's Outta Date - Blue 2022 by Harland Miller
Hate's Outta Date - Blue 2022 £14,650

Harland Miller

70 x 100cm

Limited edition of 125

Urge Plate by Kaws
Urge Plate £650


26.7 x 26.7cm

Limited edition of 250

The Promise by Kaws
The Promise £7,440


40.6 x 50.8cm

Limited edition of 500


Sara Pope

40 x 40cm

Artist Proof from an edition of 15

FFS £120

Dave Towers

42 x 29.7cm

Rich Enough To Be Batman (JNY Edition) £125

Heath Kane

55 x 60.5cm

Limited edition of 36

‘Don’t Wind Me Up!’ £200

The Cameron Twins

27.5 x 36cm

Limited edition of 30

Rockin' n Rollin' in Black £280

The Cameron Twins

32 x 45cm

Limited edition of 15

Astral Arcade 03 by Darren John
Astral Arcade 03 £220 £187

Darren John

29.7 x 42cm

Limited edition of 10

Rhubarb and Custard Capsule by Dan David
Sold Out
Rhubarb and Custard Capsule £700

Dan David

5.5cm x 15cm

Limited Edition of 5

You'd Be So Lucky £180

William Kingett

41 x 48.5cm

Limited edition of 15

Kodak £350

Dave Buonaguidi

68 x 68cm

Limited edition of 25

Tastes Like Good Times (Blue) £295

Dave Buonaguidi

70 x 90cm

Limited edition of 18

Sunday Morning is a Feeling by Phoebe Boddy
Sunday Morning is a Feeling £130

Phoebe Boddy

50 x 50cm

Limited edition of 25

Mona Lisa by The Miaz Brothers
Sold Out
Mona Lisa £2,600

The Miaz Brothers

90 x 130cm

Limited edition of 100

Beach Shores £90

Maxine Gregson

30 x 30cm

Limited edition of 50

Party for One by Louise Nordh
Party for One £95

Louise Nordh

35 x 35cm

Limited edition of 30

Boy 1 by Charles Edgar
Boy 1 £65

Charles Edgar

35 x 35cm

Limited edition of 20

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