Stephen D Bunting

Stephen D. Bunting is a contemporary fine artist, who works predominantly with oil on canvas. His work incorporates figures and faces, employing traditional methods for a unique, contemporary aesthetic.

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In his paintings, Bunting is alive to the texture of paint, using bold brush strokes or palette knife cuts for a thick, impasto surface. His portraits and figurative works often possess the raw quality of a Francis Bacon painting, slightly unsettling while endlessly magnetic and compelling, filled with exceptional yet unconventional beauty.

Bunting has also branched out into graphic novel illustration, as well as black and white ink drawings and quick, rough sketches, that capture the energy of a creative moment.

His unique, graphic style has developed from his background as a successful commercial artist and his interest in comic books, and can now be seen in galleries and collections across the country. His work was recently shown as Bozboz Gallery as part of their Nu:Blood exhibition, a mixed media event, showcasing new talent of 2017.

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