Sandra Chevrier

Canadian artist Sandra Chevrier knew she wanted to make art at the age of 14: seeing a Heidi Taillefer work, entitled ‘Detritus of Devotion’, a young Chevrier was struck by the power of art to transmit emotion, and resolved to dedicate the rest of her life to creating visual work that would speak back to the world.

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This notion of the message remains central to Chevrier’s practice today. In her own words, art is “a language,” conveying both the beauty and the tragedy of the world, and asking the viewer to contemplate and to meditate: not a launchpad for social debate, but a space for revery and reflection.

Employing a wide range of mediums, Chevrier works across oil and watercolour, Chinese ink, collage, mixed media and screen printing, tirelessly exploring textures to keep her creative process constantly evolving. If her work can be defined in any way, then it is through its refusal for definition: falling in the interstices between traditional fine art and urban graffiti, her work shrugs off labels, to keep it alive to endless and ever-changing possibility. Chevrier lives and works in Montreal and has exhibited in countries across the globe, including Canada, the United States, parts of Europe, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

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