Sam Kerridge

Sam Kerridge is a London-based illustrator and printmaker. He combines these two artforms to create his own unique style that celebrates the ever-changing nature of cityscapes.

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Growing up in London, Sam was exposed to the diverse architecture of the city, and matured with his environment evolving and being reinvented around him. In his work, he strips back the fundamentals of architecture and creates his own kaleidoscopic visions that trick the eye and challenge our perceptions of space. We love how Sam’s geometric formations are also inspired by the geometric patterns found in rock formations, and how he draws creativity from the city and the natural world.

Sam’s creations are a love letter to London, and his graffiti creations can be found scattered across the capital, from Shoreditch to Forest Hill and London Bridge.

We’ve been working with Sam Kerridge since 2017.

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